About Us


What is Poke?

Poke is comprised of cubed, raw fish on top of rice or baby greens, topped with various veggies, fruits and sauces. Fresh, healthy and delicious, poke takes all of the best components of sushi and puts them in an easy to eat container. We have cooked seafood, chicken, and tofu, too. Choose one of our composed “house creation” bowls or go off-script and build your own. All of our toppings and sauces are gluten and dairy free! Add as many as you’d like to your poke bowl.


Our Seafood

We’re committed to serving superior ingredients, and our team works closely with our purveyors to ensure we’re securing the best catch, day after day. Our tuna is wild caught. The fishery from where we source these fish is dedicated to the ARTS: Accountable, Responsible, Traceable, Sustainable. They account, retain, and utilize all the fish they capture, which are logged daily for tracing and reporting.

We also serve Faroe Islands salmon in our poke bowls. The Wisconsin Food Code states that restaurants are not allowed to serve wild caught salmon that has not been deep frozen first. Because it’s important for us to use fresh fish for our poke, we searched for the highest quality aquacultured salmon on the market. The aquaculture industry in the Faroe Islands is committed to sustainability and stewardship of the environment. The clear waters, combined with the fast-moving currents, create an environment where salmon can thrive and a live a life on the wild side. In 2003, the Faroe Islands implemented one of the most stringent aquaculture veterinarian legislations, which ensures continuous welfare management and responsible care of the environment, and has been so successful that salmon from the Faroe Islands are completely free of antibiotics.

Our Ingredients

Every day we butcher whole fresh fish, chop fresh vegetables, slice and fry our purple sweet potato chips, and prepare every sauce from scratch. We make our shave ice syrups from real fruit, fresh juices, and real sugar or organic agave nectar. No fruit-flavored high fructose corn syrups allowed. Everything is made in house and made with love. Our entire food menu is gluten and dairy free

Our Packaging

Our bowls and lids are BPI certified compostable and made from sugarcane fiber, a rapidly renewable and reclaimed resource. We work with Madison Core! (Community Organic Recycling Effort), a City of Madison Streets Division program, that works to divert organic material from the landfill. Currently the organic material is hauled to Blue Ribbon Organics where it is turned into compost. By the end of 2017, Madison Core! aims to have 2,000 households and 60 businesses enrolled in this program.

Bowls Served